​​Celebrating Young Canadian Performers

2018 Nomination Submission Instructions

Call for Submissions and Rules:

1. Young Actor or Actress must have been 21 years of age or younger during filming of the submitted program. You will be placed in the age category for the age you were at the time of filming.

2. The program submitted must have been released between Sept 1, 2017 and Sept 15, 2018. Exceptions are student/indie films and spec commercials which may not have been aired or released in public. These must have been filmed between May 1/17 and Sept 15/18, and not have been previously submitted to the Joey awards. These will be placed in a separate nomination category. If you have a completed but not shown independent film, these will also be included in that category. These works must be edited and completed, not still in the editing process.

3. Submissions must be sent no later than Sept 5, 2018.

4. All submissions must be accompanied by the official nomination submission form.

5. Nominations will be released on this website Sept 15, 2018 by 5pm PST. If nominations are ready sooner, they will be posted sooner.

6. List of nominations is final. If for any reason you disagree with a nomination, a formal written appeal must be sent to head office via email no later than Oct 18, 2017 by 5pm PST. The appeal must have all reasons with proof as to why it is not a valid nomination (ie: Child put in wrong age category, You can prove release of the program was not within the specified time frame). It must not come anonymously, and you must be willing to stand behind your disagreement. The Joey Awards Team will investigate the claim, and if they feel it is warranted and true, they will take the claim to 3 adjudicators who will make the final decision. If a nomination is pulled for any reason, the parent of that child will have the right to appeal the decision within 5 business days. After the adjudicators read the appeal, the absolute final decision will be made. The source of the original disagreement will stay private to only Joey Awards organizers. No adjudicators will know who reported.

7. Entrants must be legal residents of Canada. Work can be filmed OUTSIDE of Canada.

8. All submissions must be accompanied by a working youtube or vimeo link set to unlisted or passworded (if set to private we will not be able to view it and it will be discarded) or a DVD of the program. Online links are preferred. Please make EVERY EFFORT to submit online links, as the logistics of dvd judging are difficult. It is preferred for roles with shorter screen time to have an a edited version showing just the performance. All Videos and DVD's must be labeled with Name, Category of Performance (use this page), age at time of filming, list of specific times in the DVD your performance can be viewed (if not a leading role). If for any reason a DVD is not viewable in a desktop computer, it will be tried on a DVD player. If it is still not viewable the entry will be placed in the rejection pile. The nomination commitee will attempt to contact the owner of the rejected DVD one time via email, in which we will request a digital online version within 24 hours. If this can not be provided, the entry will be rejected.
We do not accept TRAILERS or FULL MOVIES as submissions. It must be edited to your performance.

9. Proof of age must be available if asked for by the Joey Awards.

10. The Joey Awards recognize that many forms of film have scenes that could be considered disturbing to some viewers due to artistic choices. If you feel your work could contain such material, please place a warning on the DVD or Online Link.

11. Absolutely NO nudity or excessive violence for non-artistic reasons should be submitted (ie: shock value film).

12. Spec Commercials & Student Films ARE eligible for submission but must be identified as such, as they will be placed in a separate category from aired or non-student films/commercials.


Please fill out PER performer. Do not put more than one performer on this form please.
There is space to enter up to 5 nominations per performer. Enter as many as you need. You do not need to drop down all boxes unless you are entering more than one category. You may come back at any time and nominate your performer for other projects.
If you feel we have missed a category that should be included for nomination, please EMAIL us.

For ENSEMBLE submissions please list all performers names and parent emails in the submission. For size of role please put ENSEMBLE. For Role Name please put ENSEMBLE.

Film, Television. Commercials (TV or Spec), Short Films, Web Series, Voice Over, Theater, Movie of the Week/Straight to Video, Hosting,, Music Video, Ensemble, Young Filmmaker, NEW - Recorded Song


The Joey's believes that part of the growth of a young actor is their training and audition process.

You do not need to enter any program categories to enter this! You can have never booked any work and have nothing to submit and still enter this! All entrants of the monologue contest are invited to attend the Red Carpet Gala.

Any young actors age 4-21 years are eligible to submit a taped monologue for judging. 
The top monologues in the age categories of 4-5 years, 6-8years, 9-11 years, 12-14 years & 15-21 years will receive a trophy and win the Joey monologue of the year.

Here is how to enter the contest:
1. Find a monologue of your choosing.
2. Monologues should be no more than 2 minutes in length. The Joey's understands this can be long for a younger child, so please choose accordingly for them.
3. Tape your monologue the same way you would an audition tape. Monologue must be filmed between Sept 15, 2017 and Oct 31, 2018.
4. Send to the Joey's at [email protected] on an unlisted youtube (please do not set to private - our adjudicators will not be able to see private videos) by Oct 31, 2018 to be judged by our adjudication panel. Please email your monologue to [email protected] and include your full name and age.

The following are available:

[email protected]

[email protected]

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